The Difficulties of Online Marketing

The 21st century has brought about a revolution in how we communicate with one another. With never before seen access to instantaneous communication reaching around all corners of the globe, social media, marketing, and companies all have to rethink how they get their message out. Simply put, we are still in the ‘wild west’ phase of marketing. Along with the sudden change of technology, there has also been a gradual shift in generational approach towards advertising. Soon to become the biggest market in the US, the Millennial generation has an entirely new approach towards advertising that old techniques simply do not work on. Lets take a moment to examine in greater detail all of the difficulties facing online marketing.

 The Generation Divide

As stated above, Millennial’s have thrown a wrench into traditional marketing techniques. Millennial’s report getting their recommendation for products from their social network more then advertisements. This means that any company looking to advertise successfully to this age range will have to infiltrate the social media scene, creating a profile and brand for their company on platforms like Facebook. More often then not, this multifaceted approach represents a steep learning curve for companies used to a simpler method.

 New Technologies

The demographics behind successfully advertising online is made one step more difficult through the incredible selection of devices that people can use to view ads. So, if you are a company targeting a particular group, you will need to find out what technology that group uses, as well as the best way to deliver an ad to them. While this may seem simple at first, remember that groups are constantly changing along with technology, making pinning down any one group a challenge.

 Problems Of A new Industry

A final problem that leads to difficulties with online marketing is a lack of credible results. While other forms of marketing have decades of research that prove their effectiveness, the word is still out as to whether or not many of the most popular online marketing techniques actually work and bring in customers. This leaves many companies uncertain as to whether or not their marketing is doing anything at all or they are just wasting money. In the end, this problem, as well as the other problems listed above will not settle themselves soon. Rather, the only way for these problems to be resolved is for advertisements online to continue to innovate.